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Bath Time

Baby Girl

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  1. Wonder Waterway

    Wonder Waterway

    Making bath time fun!! Three individual characters that link to create a waterway with a spiral chamber, tumble beads and a spinning wheel. Approx Size: 19cm high Learn More
  2. Sophie The Giraffe Natural Bath Toy

    Sophie The Giraffe Natural Bath Toy

    Ideal for entertaining your Baby in the bath! Shaped a bit like a rubber duck bath toy, this Giraffe shaped character bobs around on the water and is made form 100% natural rubber. Perfect size for little hands to grab. 2016 Silver Award winner for Mother & Baby Best Developmental Toy. Hygenic and safe natural rubber from the Hevea tree. Food grade paints. No hole for water to get into and go grimey. Babies enjoy the different textures. Safe to chew on. 12cm long, 10cm high approx. Learn More
  3. Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

    Safety Bath Ducky

    No need to worry that your baby’s bath water is too hot. This adorable rubber ducky has a White Hot® safety disc at the bottom that tells you when the water is too hot and when its just right. Simply let Ducky sit on the water for 1 minute then lift to check the safety disc underneath. If "HOT" appears on the safety disc then the bath is too hot. Allow water to cool or add cold water until the original colour returns to the safety disc. It's the perfect size for little hands to hold and cuddle. Learn More
  4. Inflatable Duck Tub

    Inflatable Duck Tub

    Rub-a-dub-dub, meet your ideal transition tub! When baby has outgrown the infant tub, the next step can be a tricky one to figure out. Munchkin's White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub makes that big tub transition smooth sailing for both you and your little one. You don't need to fill the whole tub with water (just a few inches will do), and there's a drain so you can empty the bath easily without any heavy lifting. And because this duck-shaped bathtub deflates and folds compact, it's perfect for use as a travel tub, too. ** Inflatable rubber ducky-shaped tub ideal for babies who can sit upright (6-24 months) ** White Hot® Safety Disc reads HOT in white when temperature is too hot for baby (approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit and up) ** Textured, non-slip surface with padding for extra comfort, plus contoured headrest ** Hangs by suction cup for quick air drying and includes recessed drain hole for quick and easy draining ** Deflates and folds easily - perfect for traveling Learn More
  5. Sophie the Giraffe Bath Puzzle

    Sophie Bath Puzzle

    A bath puzzle with Sophie the Giraffe and her friends - a penguin, whale, snail, bear and a ladybird. The shapes fit together to become a toy set for baby to play with. The characters and shapes float on water. They spray out water when their bodies are pressed, and their rounded shape makes them easier to grip. Perfect for developing baby’s motor skills, concentration and logic whilst making bath time even more fun! Learn More

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