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Bee My Baby Balance


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A calming and refreshing tea, provides balance in a stressful day. Also anti- nausea and stomach calming properties. Can be used to help morning sickness or hangovers.

30g Approx. 20 Serves
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INGREDIENTS Spearmint, Chamomile. Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Orange Segments and Ginger root. BENEFITS SPEARMINT Excellent for the whole endocrine system, balances and calms and promotes a sense of wellbeing. CHAMOMILE Calming and gently sedating, it will help promote restful sleep after a busy day. It is also anti-inflammatory and has a calming, healing effect on the digestive system. Also anti-allergic. PEPPERMINT One of the best calming agents available, it eases anxiety and tension, relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and has an overall calming, soothing effect on the whole digestive system. It relieves pain and promotes a good night’s sleep. LEMON BALM Very calming and relaxing, relieves cramps/spasms . ORANGE SEGMENTS The orange oil in the peel is calming and relaxing, helps indigestion and appetite and has other benefits of being anti-inflammatory and anti-tumoural (cancer fighter) and improving circulation. GINGER ROOT Promotes digestion and also soothes digestive problems and nausea. It is strongly anti-inflammatory and improves circulation. 30g = approx 20 serves * NO ADDED SUGAR. CONTAINS NATURALLY OCCURING SUGARS FROM DRIED FRUIT.

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Awesome Review by Sammie
I had a terrible miagrane for a few days- reached for my tea and it truly eased the nauseating feeling I get while unwell ! Lifesaver ! Thanks so so much (Posted on 3/09/2018)

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