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Beautifully Designed Baby Bowls. AdoraBowls are fun and loved by the whole family!

Created because parents wanted a microwave safe solution for defrosting their home-made baby food. Upon request we ended up making them bigger so the whole family could enjoy them!


  • Capacity lines inside
  • 300ml Capacity 
  • Idea for defrosting and serving frozen food
  • Made from high grade LFGB Silicone
  • Impressively strong suction lid.

These Adorabowls are so popular and are the perfect kitchen container for starting your babies solid journey.  They can go from freezer to the microwave and ready to serve, the suction lid means they can be taken out and about in your nappy bag.  These can also be the perfect children and adults snack container.

These adorabowls are very cute paired up with our freezer pods as they have individual small pods the perfect size for home made baby food.  When it is time for your little one to eat and you are needing a easy to clean bib add our Easy Rinse Baby Bibs to your collection.

About Wean Meister Products

There are so many reasons why silicone is a perfect material to use when weaning your baby.  Wean Meister loves silicone because it is soft and smooth – Just like our babies!  Parents love silicone for their baby feeding products because it’s incredibly durable and can be used over and over again without becoming scuffed or damaged in anyway.  See the whole range here.