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Soft Sip Pouchee Topper

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The Choomee SoftSip simply attaches to the Pouchee and helps to control flow and prevent leaks and spills from an infant or toddler who is still learning to feed.

The SoftSip Pouch Topper is a soft and durable silicone valve that simply and easily attaches to your Pouchee. It provides multiple features and benefits for both you and your baby. Your baby has control over the flow rate of their food and you no longer need to worry about messy spills and pureed explosions. Better yet, your teething baby can happily chew their pouch spout with comfort.

By controlling flow and preventing spills, the SoftSip helps to maximise your baby’s caloric intake. Every healthy sip counts and using the SoftSip means more food makes it to your baby’s mouth.

The SoftSip is ideal for infants through to around age 2.

The SoftSip is compatible with the Pouchee and most single use food pouches.