AllerMates Allergy & Medical Bracelets

Allergy or Medical? Safety has arrived! Use one of these vibrant bracelets to keep your child safe when he or she is not in your care! This fun and fashionable accessory keeps kids with food allergies or medical conditions safe by serving as an important reminder to caretakers. Kids with food allergies, asthma or diabetes can finally let loose and have some fun without worry! Our allergy and medical bracelets meet and exceed U.S. and European safety standards for children's products. Founded in 2009, AllerMates was created by a mom, following a scary incident involving her food allergic child. Seven years later AllerMates bracelets have been worn on the wrists of over 500,000 kids worldwide! Each AllerMates bracelet comes with a special code to register on the AllerMates website, this allows you and your child to learn more about allergies and understanding how to live with allergies, each allergy has a little character which creates a fun learning environment for your child, the website has a range of fun activities and videos created just for little ones teaching them all about the different types of allergies in a non-intimidating environment. -> I Have Allergies Bracelet - For those with multiple allergies this bracelet allows you to write all the details on the inside of the bracelet! Measures approx. 14cm on the tightest slot to 17cm on the last slot - please note: this is only a guide. ALSO AVAILABLE: -> Allergy Charm Bracelets with charms that can be purchased to suit your Childs needs - I Carry an Epy Pen, Nut Allergy, Peanut Allergy, Gluten/Wheat Allergy, Dairy Allergy, Egg Allergy, Insect Sting Allergy & Asthma. Designed with three, adjustable snaps, AllerMates allergy & medical bracelets will fit the wrist size of most kids with food allergies/asthma/diabetes, ages 3+. Measures 7" in length. This bracelet is 100% latex free. Measures approx. 14cm on the tightest slot to 17cm on the last slot - please note: this is only a guide.