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Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest designed to perfectly support a baby’s cranial-spinal development and provide comfort.

Chiropractor-inspired and mum-designed, Baby Elephant Ears are suitable for the stroller, swing, bouncer, beanbag, changing table.

They offer extra support and comfort.

As the section that goes behind baby's head/neck is completely flat in no way does it push the baby's head forward.

It gives optimal support to prevent the head from flopping sideways.



* Nurtures spinal alignment from 0-2 years

* No straps, clips or unsafe attachments

* Made with designer fabrics

* 100% cotton

* Machine washable

* Approx: 32cm x 20cm x 6cm

* Made in USA

Please note: This product is not a safety device. It is for comfort only.

Luxe Elephant Ears - Made with ultra-soft minky fabric - makes these Elephant Ears wonderfully cozy for your little one.

Organic Elephant Ears - Made with 100% organic cotton and filled with an all natural corn fill.

Baby Elephant Ears were designed to best support the 0-2 year old cranial-spinal developmental stages. However, Baby Elephant Ears can be used as long as it fits the child safely & securely.