Babycups First Cups - Baby & Toddler Training Sippy Cups

Can we get a “Sip Sip Hooray”?! Our mini open cups win award after award! Plus, they come highly recommended by experts galore, including dentists, orthodontists and health care professionals, for babies and toddlers 0-2.5yrs+ We are so passionate about the health of both ours and your children that our hearts sing when parents tell us (and send us photos!) of how proud they are seeing their little ones use their Babycup First Cups. Babycup First Cups - mini open cups for solid-feeding and beyond. Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to love. Not a bad resume for a sippy cup!!! So if you're looking for a transition cup or want the best baby cup or trainer cup, Babycup First Cups is your go-to. Cheers! Benefits of Babycups- 1. Sipping – Experts say truly open cups are the healthiest type of cup for babies and young children to drink from and their use should be encouraged from as early an age as possible. 2. Healthy Teeth – Dentists say open cups help prevent dental decay and should be used at every mealtime as they do not bathe tooth enamel in liquid and they don’t get carried around to be sucked on for prolonged periods. 3. Orthodontics – Orthodontists say sipping from an open cup promotes natural muscle use, stimulating correct jaw and facial growth and help avoid crooked teeth and orthodontic problems. 4. Baby Talk – Speech therapists advocate open cup sipping because there is no compromise to tongue position and it doesn’t cause speech difficulties or delays. 5. Size – For successful sipping, little people need little cups. Open cup drinking is do-able with Babycup! Also, suitable for infant cup-feeding from birth. Capacity 50ml. 6. Fine Motor Skills – Using Babycup at every mealtime encourages fine motor skills. 7. Quality – Babycup is Made in Britain, BPA and Phthalates-free, dishwasher and steam-steriliser safe. Multi award-winning, safety-tested, non-toxic, smooth-edged and shatterproof. Messages from Experts: "Babycup is a healthy choice for your child. Choosing an open cup means you are allowing your child to develop a healthy sipping habit.  Spouts and no-spill valves that mean a child has to suck, rather than sip, contribute to poor facial and dental development. I've treated thousands of children; developing healthy oral habits from an early age has a great influence on how your child's teeth will develop.  A young child's teeth, jaw and muscles are still growing so it's a crucial time and parents have the power to steer their infants away from needing extensive orthodontic treatment later in life." -Dr Derek Mahony BDS(Syd) MScOrth(Lon) DOrthRCS(Edin) Orthodontist Full Face Orthodontics Pty Ltd Australia In an article on toddler diets and oral health, the British Dental Health Foundation website says that drinks should be offered six to eight times a day, and, from as early an age as possible, should be sipped from a cup or glass, not sucked from a bottle.  The same Foundation suggests starting by the time babies are about 6 months old, or when they are able to sit up and can hold things on their own. -British Dental Health Foundation "If a spout is involved in infant/toddler feeding the tongue develops a low tongue-rest posture which may cause the palate to collapse and lead to digit sucking, airway and orthodontic issues." -Joy L. Moeller, BS, RDH Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist Pacific Palisades, California USA Each pack contains 4 Babycups Non-toxic, BPA free, phthalates free; durable; dishwasher safe; steam steriliser safe Made in England - safety-tested, non-toxic, smooth-edged and shatterproof. Baby and toddler mini drinking cups; perfectly proportioned for little hands Translucent so your child can see inside; holds 50ml; measurement markings in ml’s Children enjoy using open cups just like their siblings, parents or carers Thumbs up from dentists and orthodontists for dental health and jaw development Infant weaning cups; also suitable for milk feeding premature or term newborn babies