Summer Caps

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Newsboy-style Caps for Boys. The ModCaps provide fabulous sun protection with style. Perfect for the little fella in your life. The Caps are fully reversible and machine washable. Like the Bonnets the ModCaps have an adjustable dome strap which makes them fit past the stated age range. Perfect in all sorts of baby carriers and slings. They allow for discreet breastfeeding at home or on the go. Did we mention that they are fall-to-your-knees cute!! Sizing: Small: 43cm - 47cm, 6-12 months Size Guide: The best and most reliable way to size a ModCap for your baby is to measure their head circumference. Wrap the tape loosely around the widest part of your little one's head. This will be across the forehead and around the widest part of the back of the head.