The Flipping Holder | Yoghurt & food Pouch Holder

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The Flipping Holder | Yoghurt & food Pouch Holder - Blue Holder is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Yay - Finally a solution to those messy pouches of food or juice! Food pouches and juice pouches/boxes can make a right mess - across your carpet, through the car, in the stroller! Well not anymore! The Flipping Holder provides eating independence for children and worry-free convenience for parents.

The 2-in-1 Flipping Holder is a mess-free encasement for food pouches and juice pouches/boxes. With the Flipping Holder, children as young as 6 months can independently enjoy pureed foods from pouches. As you child grows, just flip the holder over to securely encase juice pouches and juice boxes.

Here are just a few reasons why the Flipping Holder is unique:

  • This is the only product that solves for both food pouch and juice box/pouch mess.
  • Solid, single piece design means no clasps for children to open, no hinges to break.
  • Closed handles are easy for a child to hold and offer convenient tethering.
  • Open bottom allows parent to straighten pouch and push food upward so child gets all that valuable puree out of the food pouch.
  • Designed to minimize need for washing. Child eats from the pouch spout, not the holder. Once you discard used pouch, the holder is ready for another without an immediate need for washing.

The Flipping Holder works with nearly all food pouches on the market (Watties, Farex, Only Organic, Raffertys Garden, Puria & more) -The Flipping Holder works with all standard tall juice boxes and all juice pouches on the market Other Information:

Mum-made: created by a Minnesota mum 

Domestically produced: proudly manufactured in the United States.

Tethering: closed handles allow for easy tethering with a pacifier clip or other child-appropriate tether

Cleaning: dishwasher-safe, top rack preferred

Material: clarified polypropylene that is BPA and DEHP free.