Lulla Doll - Baby and Child Sleep Companion

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Roro Care Lulla Doll - Baby and Child Sleep Companion


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Helping babies sleep longer, feel better & safer with soothing natural sounds of heartbeat and breathing.
Lulla’s was designed in Iceland and its unique design was inspired by research on kangaroo care, the effects of heartbeat and breathing sounds, and the effects that smell, sight and touch have on babies and small children.

Lulla plays a real heartbeat and breathing continuously for 8 hours!

Hear – When the chest is pressed, Lulla plays a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest.

Look – Babies prefer to look at something that resembles a human face. The colors of the doll were chosen for the purpose of making the doll unisex and unirace.

Touch – The outer layer is made from soft natural cotton. The filling is made from ultra fine microfiber that is hypoallergenic.

Smell – The fabric of the doll can absorb smell from parents if they first keep it close to their skin before giving it to their child for extra feeling of security.

Clean and safe – The doll is machine washable in warm water making it safer for small babies with underdeveloped immune and respiratory systems.

SIDS and Kids NZ stipulate nothing in your baby's sleeping environment for the first 7 months - Lulla can be attached to the cot on the outside of the sleeping environment with the velcro tabs.

The Lulla Doll comes with batteries for demo purposes only. Please change as soon as possible.
Hold the button down on Lulla’s heart for 3 continuous seconds to activate. This is a mechanism in place to stop Lulla accidentally being turned off when your child rolls on her.
The Lulla doll operates on 2 X AAA batteries and the developers of Lulla highly recommend the use of rechargeable batteries for both environmental and economic reasons.

The rechargeable battery life is approx 56 hours (7 days of 8 hours per day).
Good quality alkaline batteries such as Duracell Gold, Ever Ready Gold or Energiser Plus may play up to 100 hours. We have found through testing that a very reasonably priced battery from the Warehouse called Sonixcell can play Lulla for 100 hours!

Please DO NOT use Lithium batteries. By doing so you will void your warranty. Use good quality rechargeable or alkaline batteries.

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Need convincing of how AMAZING these Dolls are?? Here are a couple of reviews from NZ and Australia

" I just wanted to say how amazing the lulla doll is and it actually works! My 20 month old has slept through the night a hand full of times and always without fail wakes up . We got the doll yesterday and immediately she loved it took to bed went straight to sleep which never happens and actually slept through the entire night with not a peep! I can’t believe it . Best money I have ever spent thank you ‘Sarah”

“We received the lulla doll. I cannot thank you enough. It’s amazing my one year old went from waking every 40 mins to last night sleeping through. I feel like a human again. She basically sleeps on top of the doll and it’s working. So again my sanity thank you”

SIDS and Kids NZ stipulate nothing in your baby's sleeping environment for the first 7 months - Lulla can be attached to the cot on the outside of the sleeping environment with the velcro tabs.

Customer Reviews

Review Review by Nigel & Anne-Marie
My wife & I would like to review the Lulla Doll we recently purchased from Bee My Baby.
We found having reviewed many NZ websites that your price was the lowest and was delivered without delay.
We have recently introduced the Doll to our new born & have only had positive results to date, it even eases us back to sleep! (Posted on 8/05/2017)

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