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TotsUp Red Bus - Interactive Reward Chart

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This bright, bold, 3D bus comes with 10 magnetic passengers who start on the bus stop and move on to the bus each time the child achieves a goal.

Encourage a ‘story telling’ approach by naming the passengers, talking about where the bus is heading and encouraging little ones to achieve their goals. This adaptable and reusable chart is ideal for better bedtime routines, tackling tantrums, fussy eating, potty training and in older children tidying away toys, and completing homework. Adhesive stickers are provided to personalise the bus with your child’s name. Developed with input from an educational psychologist and early years educators, it is high quality, hardwearing and wipe clean.

Perfect for potty training, encouraging and rewarding better behaviour.
Adhesive letters provided to personalise the bus.
An interactive bus shaped reward chart with 10 friendly, magnetic passengers who start on the bus stop and move to the bus each time a goal is achieved.

How does it work?
The passengers begin on the bus stop. Each time your child successfully achieves a pre-agreed target, they may place a passenger of their choice on to the bus. Once all 10 passengers are on board, their achievement should be celebrated with a pre-agreed reward.
For a reward chart to be effective, it should be used consistently. You should be clear with your child about what they must do in order to place a passenger on their bus, as well as their reward for filling the bus.
Make the Big Red Bus accessible and visible. Children will enjoy having access to it and watching the bus fill up. We recommend storing the bus stop and passengers away, and if necessary, out of reach, until your child has earned a new passenger.

What can the TOTSUP bus be used for?
The TOTSUP Big Red Bus can be used to encourage and reward whatever positive behaviours you would like to see.

These could include:
Bedtime routines, staying in bed, preventing night-waking Potty training or toileting
Brushing teeth and washing hands
Getting dressed and undressed
Sharing, being kind, playing nicely
Eating, sitting at the table, trying new foods Giving up a dummy, bottle, or comforter Tidying up and/or putting away toys

The reward chart could also be used for dealing with tantrums, rough play, and other behavioural issues. These are some suggestions. Essentially the Big Red Bus can be applied to anything you want your child to achieve.

Choosing a reward
When choosing your child’s reward, select something small that your child will feel motivated to earn, and which is appropriate to their achievement. Choose something simple, inexpensive or free, and something your child will find fun. Stickers and small treats work well, as do a trip
to the park, a walk in the woods, or an afternoon of messy play. It’s important that you choose something that will be of interest and enjoyment.

Extended use:
Emotional literacy - developing your child’s emotional and social skills.
Encourage your child to talk imaginatively about each character on the bus, likening them to friends and family members, choosing names for them, and talking about the journey they are on.
Discuss the destination of the bus, e.g. the park, the beach, the supermarket, a holiday, and what might happen there. Talk to your child about particular journeys or visits they have enjoyed and what they remember.
This additional interaction will stimulate your child, and will make their journey even more rewarding.
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3D magnetic reward chart with 10 passengers, and adhesive letters to personalise your bus.

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